Sunday, November 6, 2011

For Sale!!!

Here are some of my pieces that are currently for sale!  Send a comment or message if you are interested!

Abstract flower and well piece.  Made of Black Mountain Clay and use of pink glaze accents.

Sea-inspired platter.  Blue, green and honey colored glazes with texture.

Wheel-thrown bowl and handbuilt flowers.  Long Beach Clay with white and blue glaze.  Honey stain in the middle of flowers with texture.

Wheel Thrown bowl with sea-inspired flowers.  Brown Glaze and tan stain on Long Beach Clay.


  1. Hi Courtney -- I suppose you need to talk to your instructors about what to price these items at. I have no idea! These are all looking great on your site. I like the Long Beach clay pot with the flowers. What IS Long Beach clay -- is that sold in stores, or is this clay you actually dug out of somewhere?

  2. Haha its not dug out somewhere. I'm not sure why its called Long Beach clay, but i know its grainier than other clays and has more of a rocky texture. I can buy it at school or at a clay store about twenty minutes away.